Drink Italian Herbal Liqueur on NYC’s Beautiful Floating Food Forest

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Drink Italian Herbal Liqueur on NYC’s Beautiful Floating Food Forest

The amazing “floating food forest” in NYC is hosting an event where you can taste a traditional Italian liqueur and learn how to make it while you relax on this floating Eden. 

NYC has over 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities …but there’s only one that floats, the “floating food forest.” The food forest returned to city in back in April and became an instant hit as it offered fresh and free produce from the park’s garden.

Back in March, we let you know about NYC’s beautiful floating food forest. Built on a 130-foot by 40-foot floating platform, Swale is a collaborative floating food project with edible forest garden. Whether you are familiar with the gigantic green oasis or not, it’s definitely worth your time to visit. Whether you’re a fan of healthy organic food, reconnecting with nature, or just bobbing up and down on the water, Swale is something you need to check out. Now you have even more of an excuse.

Now Swale is making headlines again as they prepare for partnerships with local events organizers to bring food and beverage tastings to the floating green space. Next month the floating park with welcome a special event, Amaro and Herbalism in partnership with Atlas Obscura Society and Ravenous Craft.

Visitors at the event will explore the traditional Italian liqueur “Amaro.” Amaro, the Italian word for “bitter”, is a herbal liqueur that is commonly drunk as an after-dinner digestif. It usually has a bitter-sweet flavor.

At the event, there will be a guest historian and herbalist to tell you all you need to know about the drink. You’ll get the chance to make your own Amaro, and taste five Amari from around Italy and try out a specialty cocktail.

The Amaro and Herbalism event will be held on Sept 20 from 6 to 8 pm. Tickets are $45. If you want to check out Swale without the booze you’ll find it at Pier 25, at West and N Moore Sts.

Featured image source [SwaleNY]