Brooklynite Dr. Fauci Honored As One Of The Borough’s ‘COVID Heroes’

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Brooklynite Dr. Fauci Honored As One Of The Borough’s ‘COVID Heroes’

Dr. Fauci has become a household name very quickly thanks to COVID-19, and you may not even realize that one of country’s favorite new personalities is a native New Yorker.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert who has become a highly trusted resource during the pandemic, was born and raised right here in Brooklyn. In Bensonhurst, to be exact.

And Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams honored more than 180 Brooklyners earlier this week in a special ceremony as the borough’s “COVID Heroes.” The group ranged from young residents who helped raise money for those in need in the community, to local nonprofits, of course, to the doctor himself, each doing their part to help the borough (and city) through the pandemic.

Though he was only present virtually, Dr. Fauci had some words fellow New Yorkers loved hearing:

“Whenever people ask me how I put up with all the stuff that goes on in Washington, I have two words for them: it’s called Brooklyn strong,” he said, according to NY1.

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