The Donut Pub Opens Their Second Outpost Today In NoHo

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The Donut Pub Opens Their Second Outpost Today In NoHo
The Donut Pub on West 14th Street is finally expanding to a new space in Manhattan, and it opens today! 

This adorable little shop is known for it’s counter service that somewhat replicates a pub-like (or diner) vibe, but purely dedicated to doughnuts. The narrow shop sells everything from exciting croissant doughnuts, crullers, and Boston Kreme to apple turnovers, maple bacon, and egg sandwiches. The pub is also known to have some of the best black and white cookies in the city, but our personal favorite is the assortment of doughnut holes they sell! (They’re perfect for snacking on while you’re wandering the city and you can get a taste of all the doughnuts—plain glazed, red velvet, and glazed chocolate.)

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Today, the Donut Pub has finally opened their second location in Astor Place. According to the initial report of the second location’s planned opening by Grubstreet, owner Buzzy Geduld attributes their growing “new fan base” to social media and quality. He claims that even though social media may be bringing new patrons, it’s the quality that keeps them coming back—and we couldn’t agree with you more, Geduld! 

As their site says: “After first opening its doors on a cold and blustery December morning in 1964, the Donut Pub has come to represent New York City at its very best, brightest and most delicious;” and we couldn’t agree more. At a time where it seems like many old establishments are being run out of their spaces, it’s nice to see a shop that’s been around for 55 years expanding and growing in the city!

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The new venue officially opened at 6 a.m. today near Astor Place in NoHo, at 740 Broadway.  Their hours have not yet been announced, however, so we’re not totally sure if it’ll be open 24/7 like their 14th Street outpost. 

What: The Donut Pub

Where: 740 Broadway


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