Donald Trump’s Tombstone Has Been Erected A Little Ahead Of Schedule

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

Donald Trump’s Tombstone Has Been Erected A Little Ahead Of Schedule

A very meticulous prankster, who must have access to high quality stone blocks and precise engraving tools, placed a tombstone for Donald Trump in the middle of Central Park over the weekend, according to Gothamist.

The tombstone is engraved with Trump’s full name and birth year, with his death year still left open. The epigraph reads, “Made America hate again.”

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It’s not clear whether the prankster is anticipating Trump’s impending demise (perhaps because of a petition with 22,000 signatures advocating for guns to be allowed at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland…imagine how that will turn out), or if they were inspired by the recent Twitter conversations about Trump’s epigraph.

The tombstone was also erected two weeks after the “Dump Trump” march through Midtown.

While most of New York City would rather Donald Trump be lying underneath that tombstone right now (although we may not want the sacred earth of Central Park defiled with Drumpf) the rest of the country seems to be encouraging Trump’s momentum.

And let’s face it: knowing how justice works in this world, Trump will probably outlive us all.


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