Walk The Red Carpet At Dolby’s Immersive Pop-Up In SoHo


Walk The Red Carpet At Dolby’s Immersive Pop-Up In SoHo
Although the oscars have come and gone, you can still enjoy the best movie contenders of the year in a whole new way at the Dolby SoHo pop-up that’s been extended until March 24th!

Dolby’s sensory pop-up invites you to step inside right interactive installations that feature iconic scenes from this year’s best films (with only the best Dolby quality), snap a few pics in front of recognisable backdrops and of course, walk the red carpet to live out your celebrity fantasies.


Inside you’ll be able to explore the following exhibits:

Bohemian Rhapsody Stage
Through the sound of Dolby Atmos, enjoy the amazing vocals of Freddie Mercury and Queen all around you.
The Contenders Room

Iconic scenes from all seven top films of the year will be mapped out in a room with projections on all sides of the wall and floor!

The Living Room

Step on stage with Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper and watch Jackson & Ally’s sold out performance from a Star is Born.

Launch Pod

Discover outer-space with Ryan Gosling from First Man.

The Spider-Man Forest

Everything you love about Spider-Verse, except this time through 18 monitors.

Roma Gallery

An aesthetic gallery of beautiful B&W photographs shot by Alfonso Cuarón of Mexico City.

BlacKkKlansman Cafe

Details of some of the most memorable sets from the movie.

The World of Black Panther

Ever wondered what Wakanda would look like in real life?

Lastly, the legendary gold Dolby logo and red carpet leading to the Dolby Theatre are the perfect places for a few cheeky pics… there’s even paparazzi waiting for you at the carpet!

Opening times: Weds – Sunday; 1:00 – 8:00 PM

Address: 477 Broadway, New York

featured image: instagram.com/dolbylabs 
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