A Documentary Series About Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Is In The Works

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A Documentary Series About Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Is In The Works

It’s time for more drama, all you cool cats and kittens!

The world continues to be gripped by Netflix’s hit documentary series Tiger King and if there’s one thing fans want, it’s answers. Sure, watching Joe Exotic’s downfall pan out was interesting, to say the least, but what fans really wanted was to delve deeper into the uber mysterious disappearance of Carole Baskin’s ex-husband, Don Lewis – a topic that was just one small part of Joe Exotic’s extreme hatred for the Big Cat Rescue founder.

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The case was briefly touched upon during Tiger King, with interviews from Don’s family who candidly shared their suspicions about Carole. However, to their dismay, the police ruled out Baskin as a suspect, leaving the case unresolved still to this day. A number of theories were showcased throughout the series, from Don Lewis disappearing to Costa Rica where he kept a mistress, to the more extreme theory that Carole killed her allegedly cheating husband before feeding him to the tigers. Ouch.

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Now, fans will have the opportunity to explore exactly what might have happened to the wealthy businessman, as American crime documentary channel Investigation Discovery has revealed they’ll be airing exclusive footage that they’ve managed to get their mitts on, which could shed some light on the peculiar disappearance.

In an official statement, the channel said: “Love her or hate her, Carole is now in the center ring of the big cat circus,

“Is she a selfless crusader and protector of animals, who found unimaginable strength despite the mysterious disappearance of her husband? Or are we witnessing Carole Baskin’s master plan finally take effect? Despite her claims of innocence, did she orchestrate the disappearance of Don Lewis to seize control of his fortune, consolidate power and lay waste to her foes? No one seems to be talking – except for one man – and that man is the center of ID’s upcoming investigative series.”

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The series will act as an unofficial sequel to Tiger King, titled Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic – and not only will it showcase footage that wasn’t seen in Netflix’s version of the now-iconic feud, but it also promises to show “the investigation you didn’t get to see, revealing the secrets only Joe knows and the exclusive footage that has never been shown.”

Don Lewis’ case has remained open since his 1997 disappearance, with Florida police recently issuing a plea for any new information as a result of some of the allegations featured in the series.

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