Dive Into ‘Unseen Oceans’ and Explore Glow-in-the-Dark Fish at This Immersive Exhibit

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If you’re a fan of Planet Earth, or have ever wondered what’s lurking in the mysterious depths of the ocean, this new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History is just for you.

Dive beneath the surface with a virtual submersible and surround yourself with the natural light created by biofluorescent species at the “Unseen Oceans” exhibition.

This brand new immersive experience reveals the “marvelous, alien world [that] lies hidden beneath the sunlit surface.” Go on a journey that will take you deep beneath the surface to show you the differing marine environments at various depths.

You’ll learn about new marine species that have recently been discovered, along with the scientists behind these discoveries. The exhibition will also show visitors the various fluorescent undersea animals that light up the dark depths of the ocean with red, orange, and green colors. Discover what the sea butterfly (or sea angel) looks like, the beautiful colors of squid larvae, how catsharks can see each other and communicate through their eyes, and how whales are doing.

See life-size deep sea creatures in 3D

9. Encountering giants_RM

Take a virtual dive below in a Triton submersible


The exhibition opens on Monday, March 12. 

featured image source: RM, AMNH