Dive Into a Surrealistic Dreamland at This Immersive Magical Playground

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Dive Into a Surrealistic Dreamland at This Immersive Magical Playground
Dream Machine is an immersive experience that will take you on a journey through your mind’s state while dreaming.

The creators of Dream Machine describe it as a:

“surrealist playground that taps into our desire to experience the childlike wonder our of dreams during waking hours. The self-guided journey will take attendees through ten unique rooms inspired by our sleep-cycle, bringing unimaginable dreamworlds to life before our eyes.”

You’ll begin the experience On Cloud 9 that will assist in getting you into a dream-like state.

Could Room 2

From there you’ll walk through another nine rooms including a Spin Cycle room and Rainbow Hall. The Spin Cycle room will bring into a neon lit laundromat with wall of washers and hidden doors that will take you into “a galactic infinity room experience;” whereas the Rainbow Hall will take you into a dream-like garden. Here you’ll be able to share your dreams and aspirations through the garden’s wishing well.

Plan Room 1

Among the 10 rooms you’ll also walk through a bubble room, ball pit room, and see what it’s like to dream in black and white.

Bubble Room 2

The creators behind Dream Machine, Gary Johnson and Paige Solomon, develop magical experiences for large brands through an experiential agency here in New York and were inspired by their dreams to create this otherworldly experience for fellow New Yorkers.

The Dream Machine will be open from April 5 through May 31, with the hopes of traveling across the U.S. after. Tickets for this hour-long journey through your mind will go on sale today (March 20) at 10 a.m.!!

Image sources: Courtesy of Dream Machine