Could this be the most disgusting apartment in NYC?

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Could this be the most disgusting apartment in NYC?

You may want to rethink how messy your roommate is after watching this. The Manhattan superintendent was so horrified with what he found he filmed the cleanup effort.

No matter how fastidious you are we’ve all let our standards slide on occasion. Maybe you leave the dishes until the morning some nights, or your laundry doesn’t make it to the hamper from time to time. No matter where you are on the scale from “neat freak” to “Oscar the Grouch” you undoubtedly have SOME standards, and you WILL be grossed out by what’s to follow.

An apartment in the Lower East Side lower is freaking out the internet with how disgusting the tenant has let it get. The superintendent, named Martin Fernandez, was so grossed out by the mess he posted a video of the colossal clean-up online.

After a year long court battle to evict a tenant, Fernandez was finally able to get in and clean. “Whatever you’ve seen, you’ve never seen nothing like this,” says the superintendent in the clip. The video shows roaches, trash and even a dead cat… yes, It’s that bad.

According to Fernandez, the tenant had kept the apartment clean until two years ago, then, for some unknown reason, he began hoarding stuff. There is a story behind the mess for sure, but the biggest mystery for me was the pristine white tuxedo hanging next to the shower.

See the mess for yourself, here:

Featured image source [YouTube]

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