Discover Your Inner Espionage At NYC’s Interactive Spy Museum

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Discover Your Inner Espionage At NYC’s Interactive Spy Museum

Have you ever wondered what kind of spy you’d be? If you’d be better as an agent, or possibly a hacker?

Well now you can find out what it takes to be a spy, and what role you’d be best at.

Spyscape is the interactive spy museum in midtown (close to the Hell’s Kitchen area) where you can explore the stories of real spies, brush up on your own skills, and discover what role you’d play as a spy.

Spyscape doesn’t overlook any detail. As their briefing reads:

“Your journey begins in the largest passenger elevator in the world, taking you up to a hidden world of spys. You’ll learn how governments, corporations, people and SPYSCAPE spy on you. Using your identity band, you’ll move your way through real-life stories, distinct storytelling, dense soundscapes, and our unique spy challenges. As you follow with us, we follow you, as we learn which spy role you would play.”

In a world where everyone already thinks they’re being spied on through their devices, this museum will show you how it’s being done while teaching you skills you can use in your every day life.

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Before you’re given a spy role—which is pretty legit considering it’s created by Spyscape in collaboration with the head of training for British Intelligence—you’ll be tracked as you work your way through challenges of encryption, deception, surveillance, hacking, special ops, and intelligence.

For tickets and more info check out the Spyscape website here.

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