This Multi-Sensory ‘Dinner In The Dark’ Experience Is The Only One In NYC

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This Multi-Sensory ‘Dinner In The Dark’ Experience Is The Only One In NYC

Dining in the dark is a unique experience where all your senses (except sight) are used to experience your meal in a way unlike anything you’re used toand there’s only one place in NYC doing it right now.

Abigail’s Kitchen, located at 85 MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, is the only place in the city that offers this unique dining experience where your sense of sight is temporarily constrained by blindfolds. Without sight, guests are forced to rely on their other four senses to enjoy the food, company, and overall experience. When you remove one of the senses the others are heightened and, as their site explains, “smells, textures and sounds all become more intense.”

Photo/Alix Piorun for Abigail’s Kitchen

You’ll be given blindfolds upon arrival before being safely guided to your table. From there, the multi-sensory culinary journey takes you on a ride through four courses, each of which are paired with wine (as many glasses as you’d like!). This adventurous style of dining doesn’t offer a menu until the end of your meal, that way it forces you to use your senses to guess what items are on your plate and which wine variety is in your glass.

Abigail’s Kitchen

That said, dietary restrictions can be accommodated, and you’ll be prompted to share all of that information with the kitchen once you get your tickets. The price for the evening experience is $125 per person, and includes everything: food, drinks, and gratuity! For reservations and more info, check out their site here.

Main image source: Instagram / @abigailskitchennyc

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