NYC’s Legendary Delmonico’s Steakhouse Will Reopen This Year, Owners Say

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NYC’s Legendary Delmonico’s Steakhouse Will Reopen This Year, Owners Say

NYC has sadly lost some iconic restaurants this year, but thankfully one of the oldest in the city will not be one of them.

The iconic FiDi steakhouse Delmonico’s has a rich history, dating back to 1837 and has also been dubbed the “first fine dining restaurant in the country.” One of their first chefs invented the now-iconic dishes of Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, Lobster Newburg and Chicken A la Keen at Delmonico’s, and it was also well-known for its “Delmonico Steak” (all of which they still serve).

It closed last March, and no one quite knew its future until now. According to a recent interview with Eater New York, the owners are planning to reopen the restaurant later this year, though they didn’t hint at an exact date/time yet.

Besides closing due to COVID-19, the restaurant was also in the middle of a lawsuit between the four different owners. A judge ruled in favor of two of the owners — brothers — who are now fully running the restaurant with their family.

According to the interview, they will be updating the restaurant a bit and also may be making a few changes to the menu. They also hope to offer outdoor dining for the first time ever, with approval from city officials. We could easily imagine being cozied up outside of the corner restaurant!

“Delmonico’s is such a historic part of New York,” Natalia Grgurev, the daughter of one of the co-owners, said. “We can’t wait to be back and hopefully we’ll attract a whole new set of customers as well.”

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