After Some Delays, Uncle Jack’s Meat House Finally Makes its Astoria Debut

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

After Some Delays, Uncle Jack’s Meat House Finally Makes its Astoria Debut
Over the first weekend of December, Uncle Jack’s Meat House opened on Ditmars Blvd in Astoria. Uncle Jack’s has a long standing history with New York; Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse has long been a staple in Manhattan, and Jack’s Shack in Long Island has fared well as their organic eatery. The Astoria Meat House finally debuted after having its opening date pushed back a few times, and we got to give it a try.

The first thing noticed was how huge the space was. That’s due to the restaurant inhabiting what used to be two different buildings, which was part of the reason it took so long to open in the first place. The restaurant features a u-shaped bar at the front with plenty of seating for those who want to just pop in for a nightcap. The back has more table space, as well as a open kitchen and a space where the charcuterie is prepared right in the middle of patrons. The decor is full of edison bulbs (because who doesn’t like that) wrapped around meat hooks. The walls are covered in intricate artwork on cement. It definitely looks trendy, yet the vibe in general was casual and laid back. This is, after all, Queens.

Their menu has, as expected, a lot of red meat but it also has plenty of other options depending on your tastes. We started with the mini tacos, with lobster and guacamole. The taco shells themselves had plenty of flavor, and the lobster was fresh. It’s only three tacos to an order though, so it’s more a taste than anything else.


For the main course, we tried the 8 oz prime New York strip, and the country chicken biscuit sandwich. The New York strip comes with garlic butter on the side, but isn’t even needed since the steak was so flavorful.  The country chicken biscuit sandwich came with a side of fries, and the sandwich itself is loaded with pickles, gravy and their “spicy secret sauce.” It’s a messy meal, but a delicious one.


Their sides were a bit disappointed. The mac n cheese and the asparagus were both good, but not great. It didn’t blow us away by any means and we’d probably just save the money there in the future. For dessert, their coconut cream pie was light and delicious, and the serving was huge for just $8. It ended dinner on a positive note.

Overall, the new Uncle Jack’s is a welcome addition to the upper Astoria neighborhood. With great service, a nice large space and consistent main courses, it’ll likely do well on the ever growing street that is Ditmars Boulevard, which is becoming a popular spot for dinner and drinks.

Uncle Jack’s Meat House is located at 36-18 Ditmars Blvd. They are currently open for dinner only, but soon to be expanding to brunch and lunch. Check out their menu here.

Featured image source: Kristeia A. /Yelp

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