How To Deal With That New Year’s Day Hangover In NYC

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

How To Deal With That New Year’s Day Hangover In NYC
In a place as loud and fast as New York City, it can be the worst place to try and ride out a hangover… until now. Here are things you can do to kill, or wait out, that New Years Day Hangover.

If you live in New York and have never been hungover, then you’re either the luckiest person alive or lying. The whole New Yorker lifestyle revolves around bars, boozy brunches and drinks on rooftops, so chances are that hangover has hit you like a truck more than once. That is truer today than ever, especially having brought in the New Year NYC style.

Here are some ways you can either ride-out or kill that hangover that’s ruining your day off.

Riding out the hangover at the cinema:


You need somewhere dark, where nobody is going to want to bother you, where you can be on your own little island of peace… Speaking for us, when we have a hangover to waiting-out, we go to the cinema. Popcorn to soak up the booze, a dark room and comfy seat… no one is even gonna care if you fall asleep, as long as you don’t snore!

Hangover food…, it’s all about the hangover food

giphy (1)Get yourself to the nearest deli, …or dare we say it, stock up your fridge beforehand and cook/order something greasy. A bacon, egg, and cheese is a classic go to, but it isn’t the only thing that works. Heck, if you’re waking up at noon you might as well skip breakfast and go right for the Chinese food lunch.


giphy (2)

Detour to the nearest pharmacy, whether Duane Reade or a mom and pop shop and get aspirin and a Pedialyte. Yes, that drink you give to babies. It works wonders to give you the nutrients you need to fight a bad hangover, more than a sugary sports drink ever will.

Go full-on hermit

giphy (3)

With any luck you aren’t working and you can hide indoors, close those blinds and get ready for a Netflix binge day, because functioning is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

giphy (4)

If you have to go to work (on New Year’s Day… Seriously?), take sunglasses and a hoodie, scarf …any way you can hide from people and the lights of the subway car. Go to any quiet meeting or call where you won’t be expected to participate too much. Don’t rule out taking a power nap in the bathroom stall, it can be a life-saver.

More alcohol. There, we said it.

giphy (5)

If all else fails, remember, it’s not hard to find a hair of the dog to keep you going. In fact, we literally have a bar here called Hair of the Dog. New Yorkers know what’s up.

The ultimate hangover killer… A dip in the icy Atlantic Ocean.


For some iron-skinned New Yorkers, New Year’s Day morning is all about living a 114-year tradition and diving in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Coney Island beach for the Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge. We can’t promise you’ll enjoy it, but all that adrenaline will take care of your hangover in two seconds flat.

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