A Dating App Just Revealed NYC’s Worst Dating Venues (and its best)

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A Dating App Just Revealed NYC’s Worst Dating Venues (and its best)

A new study sheds light on the city’s dating spots that will most likely score you a second date, and those that will kill the romance at the starting block.  

Memorial day weekend, call your mom, “are you still with so-and-so?”, “No mom, we only went on one date.” …but you leave out the part where they never called back.

Before you swan-dive into that tub of cookie dough ice cream (I may be projecting here) the dating app Hinge has some insights that will seriously up your dating game.

On Hinge’s blog, they outline the best and worse places to take a prospective partner as well as the best and worst date types for our city. They collected the information by surveying over 8,000 of their Members (in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington DC) about their first date experiences — specifically, what did and didn’t lead to a second date.

Without further ado, here are their findings. Firstly, the most (to least) successful date types to land that second date:

Here’s a hookup for some cheap cinema tickets. You’re welcome.

Now the most and least likely date spots to land you date number 2:


Here’s that info again in clickable link form:


The Penrose
1590 Second Ave

Central Park

Good Night Sonny
134 First Ave

The Wayland
700 E 9th St

Dear Irving
55 Irving Pl


The Belfry
222 E 14th St

Soho House
29–35 Ninth Ave

Pod 39
145 E 39th St

Little Branch
20 Seventh Ave South

42 Grove St

Featured image source [Flickr | Guian Bolisay]

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