Could Cyclists Potentially Have Right Of Way At NYC Intersections?


Could Cyclists Potentially Have Right Of Way At NYC Intersections?
Cyclists in NYC know the struggle of trying to navigate the hectic streets without getting in the way of cars or pedestrians…

The Department of Transportation (DOT) conducted a trial last year that allowed bikers to follow pedestrian signals instead of traffic lights at 50 intersection in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The results from seven months of tests showed that safety drastically increased (less reported injuries) in comparison to the intersections that still followed the old rule.

The DOT report essentially found that giving cyclists the head-start at intersections is the way to go for everyone involved. Mayor Bill de Blasio has already agreed to support this bill, which will effect around 3,500 crossings (with leading pedestrian intervals).

This new legislation should be a relatively easy transition as the report already showed cyclists tend to hit the red lights at intersections (even before the trials started). A whopping 80% already follow the pedestrian signal, meaning they themselves have realised it’s the safest option.

As of now there’s no date in regards to when this new bill might pass, however the overwhelming opinion from those in the City Council is positive since it’s in line with encouraging the people of NYC to cycle more and reduce overall car usage.

featured image: nycbikemaps.com

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