Cuomo Now Mandates That 100% Of Non-Essential Workers Must Stay At Home

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Cuomo Now Mandates That 100% Of Non-Essential Workers Must Stay At Home

With over 4,000 positive Coronavirus cases in NYC (which has been increasing exponentially every single day, as yesterday there were about 2,000), Governor Cuomo has mandated that 100% of the New York workforce must stay at home.

Following yesterday’s announcement that 75% percent of non-essential workers must stay at home, and this morning’s announcement that all nail and hair salons and personal care businesses must close, Cuomo has now declared that 100% of the workforce must not go in to work. This, of course, does not include essential personnel like healthcare workers, grocery store clerks, etc.

He explained he is “tightening the valve” as cases are increasing. If they keep increasing, he’ll keep “tightening it,” saying eventually he may have to “close the valve,” alluding to stricter stay-at-home policies in NYC.

Right now there are no civil fines on individuals, ie: people out not staying six feet away from each other, etc., but he says there will be strict fines in place for businesses who do not follow the rules with possible forced closures.

He also called for a ban on non-essential gatherings, and deemed that outdoor recreation should be solitary (ie: no basketball games in the park).

featured image source: Flickr / Governor Andrew Cuomo

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