Cuomo Brothers Reunite As Chris Speaks About Having COVID-19 (& Takes A Dig At The Governor’s Haircut)

It wouldn't be a meeting with these two without some sibling rivalry

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Cuomo Brothers Reunite As Chris Speaks About Having COVID-19 (& Takes A Dig At The Governor’s Haircut)

During Governor Cuomo’s daily press conference today, he invited his brother to chat via video call since he had been diagnosed with coronavirus a few days earlier.

The last time the brothers were on screen together was when Chris interviewed the governor on CNN where he is a reporter, and it had audiences hysterical. They argued back-and-forth about calling their mom and who the favorite child is.

This time was a little more somber since Andrew wanted Chris to speak about dealing with his diagnosis and how the virus was affecting him, but they couldn’t help taking jabs at each other, and of course, ultimately expressing their brotherly love.

Chris wore a hat emblazoned with “Cuomo Prime Time” as he detailed his experience. “I’m doing pretty well all things considered. This is very tough. I get it now.”

Of course he threw in that his hair “wasn’t the way” he wanted it to look. “But you look like you’ve been cutting your own hair,” he said to Andrew. “Which some people are good at, and some people are not. I put on a hat so I don’t butcher my own haircut.”

On a more serious note he admitted, “Alot of people are fighting this alone and I can’t imagine that. I can barely keep it together and I have everything done for me. I’m very lucky.”

He also couldn’t help sharing a hallucination/dream about the governor while feverish. He told his brother, “You came to me in a dream. You had on a very interesting ballet outfit and you were dancing in the dream and you were waving a wand and saying ‘I wish I could wave my wand and make this go away’ and then you spun around and danced.”

“There’s a lot of metaphoric reality in that one,” Andrew said as he tried to hold in laughter. “I thank you for sharing that with us, that’s very kind of you.”

“Yeah I can’t get that picture out of my head,” Chris said while laughing hysterically.

You can get a quick taste of it here:

Or you can watch the full exchange here (Fast forward to around 25 minutes):

featured image source: Twitter / @NYGovCuomo

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