Cruel Or Necessary? NYC Puts Its Rat Problem On Ice

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Cruel Or Necessary? NYC Puts Its Rat Problem On Ice

Yesterday NYDailyNews reported on a pilot project to drop the solid form of carbon dioxide, more commonly known as dry ice, into rat burrows. The initiative has already started in several of the city’s parks; Columbus Park, Tompkins Square Park, Seward Park and J. Hood Wright Park in Manhattan have already seen a reduction in the amount of rat burrows.

The city has struggled controlling the rat population for years. Having used a combination of preventive measures and extermination, the health department has come under criticism for using toxic poison which has harmed squirrels, birds, hawks and other city wildlife.

Dry ice is non-toxic, as the dry ice melts, the carbon dioxide gas emitted suffocates the rats without poisoning.

But what do you think? Is it cruel? Is it a great move by the city? Tell us below:

Featured image source: [time]

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