This Crowd-Sourced map Unveils Every NYC neighborhood Stereotype

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This Crowd-Sourced map Unveils Every NYC neighborhood Stereotype

This crowd sourced map divides NYC into cultural groups (hipsters, tourists, rich, normies) based on YOUR input. You’ve all seen maps of NYC, but nothing like this. 

User sourced maps are nothing new here on Secret NYC, in fact, one of our most popular posts is a user-made map of the best bars and restaurants in the city. One thing that all of the maps we’ve featured here have in common is that they are all made by one person/group. What makes this different is that it is compiled completely by their user’s input.

Hoodmaps launched earlier this month and, by its own admission, calls itself “a crowdsourced map to divide cities up into hipsters, tourists, rich, normies, suits, and uni areas.” Each category is assigned a color (tourists are red, hipsters are yellow, tourists are red, rich are green, normies are gray, and uni suits are blue) users then “paint” an area of the city that corresponds with where that group of people tend to congregate.

To further push the stereotyping thread weaved through this project, users can also add their own keywords to various neighborhoods. Sadly a lot of these keywords separate the city up into racial blocks, but if you investigate there are some genuinely funny posts. Examples that jump to mind are:


Washington Heights – “Next neighborhood to gentrify”

Park Slope – “Stroller Mafia”

LaGuardia – “3rd world airport”

Pieter Levels, the projects creator, said the idea for Hoodmap started to give people a better idea on where to go in a new city, actively giving locals the ability to offer their opinion on their city. Check out Hoodmaps HERE.

Featured image source [Hoodmaps]

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