Create A One-Of-A-Kind Fragrance Unique To You At Olfactory NYC In Nolita

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Create A One-Of-A-Kind Fragrance Unique To You At Olfactory NYC In Nolita
Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a fragrance? How companies go about selecting each individual scent that then comes together to form some of your favorite smells? What your specific essence would be if you were given a chance to bottle it up? At Olfactory NYC you can answer all of those questions for yourself as you create your very own fragrance.

When you arrive at Olfactory’s Scent Studio in Nolita you’ll first be asked to explore the nine base fragrances they have before choosing one and beginning your journey. Each base has its own unique personality and name (just like you!) and vary with some being earthy, others being a bit more rich and musky, others light and fresh, and some floral options as well. Once you’ve made your base selection an on-site scent mixologist will guide you through the rest. You’ll be able to add scents to your base like fig, cedarwood, lemon, jasmine, vanilla, smoky tea, and so many more to personalize every spritz of your bottleand don’t worry, the staff will help guide you through which additions will work best with the base you choose! 

Once you’ve tweaked your scent to fit you perfectly the mixologist will bottle, label, and package the one-of-a-kind fragrance right in front of you. It’s a simple and seamless process that’s fun to do alone, with a friend, significant other, or even a big group (bachelorette or birthday, maybe?!). 

Regardless of the occasion, Olfactory NYC is focused on removing the pretentiousness and exclusivity around beautifully designed fragrances, and do that impeccably while also letting you build a scent that is expressly you! They pride themselves on providing the highest quality ingredients from some of the world’s top perfumers and are dedicated to making these scents more accessible to all by bottling and packaging everything directly on site. You’ll get a beautiful fragrance with top notch sustainable ingredients for a fraction of what a luxury brand would cost.

Olfactory NYC is open on Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m., and on Sundays from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. at 281 Mott Street. 

Be sure to lock in your fragrance, and creative time at the Scent Studio, here before heading over. 

Where: Olfactory NYC – 281 Mott St.

Cost: $78, purchase your fragrance here

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