Coney Island Waters were Evacuated because of Sharks this Weekend

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Coney Island Waters were Evacuated because of Sharks this Weekend

Beach-goers were in for a shock this weekend when the waters around Coney Island were evacuated due to shark sightings. One even made it onto the beach! Here’s the lowdown.

I love the movie Jaws, I just don’t want to live it. Unless I have a 70’s-Batman-sized can of shark repellent, I will pretty much avoid the water if there is even the faintest possibility of a 2,000 lb death machine in the water. Hence the sharing of this story. You’re welcome.

Coney Island lifeguards spotted a 4-foot shark swimming near off the shore near West 19th Street around 11 am on Saturday, prompting lifeguards to clear all swimmers from the area. Shortly after another even managed to beach itself.

OK, so the beached shark was tiny… even a little cute… but still. The small shark drew a crowd as it flipped and flopped in the shallow beach water… poor critter. I’m gonna go ahead and call him DeathFish McBitey Jr.

Thankfully McBitey Jr eventually washed back out into deeper water before Brooklyn’s hipsters managed to take too many selfies with him.

Obviously, it’s not the first time sharks have been spotted around Coney Island, earlier this year Jersey Shore even got a taste of the Shark treatment. NYC is clearly on the shark’s migratory route… either that or they are attracted to the taste of fake tan, or Coney Islands corn-fed vegan community.

If you’re in the mood for some nightmare fuel there is an online tool that tracks sharks in the area called “OCEARCH”. It shows where they last surfaced, their weight and height etc.

We’ll leave you with some videos captured of the Sharks …yes, including DeathFish McBitey Jr. Enjoy:

Featured image source [Flickr | Travelbag Ltd]

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