Cocktails That’ll Warm You Up This Winter, And Where To Get Them

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

Cocktails That’ll Warm You Up This Winter, And Where To Get Them

One of the biggest perks to NYC in winter is the cocktails that come along with it. Some are limited to the season, some are all year round, but all of these will keep you warm. Even when the “RealFeel” temperature dips below zero.

Hot Toddy


A hot toddy is classic, and can be found all year round at most bars in the city. A Hot Toddy is made of whiskey and a mix of honey, herbs, and hot water. It’s basically spicy tea with liquor, and it’s delicious. Check out the one they serve at Mother’s Ruin.

Spiced Irish Coffee


An Irish Coffee is a nice enough warm drink, but a spiced irish coffee adds a little more “ho, ho, ho” into it. It basically adds a pumpkin spice flavored whip cream (And sometimes a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon) into the drink to make it feel more heart warming. Dead Rabbit makes an amazing Irish coffee cocktail. 



For a truly interesting twist on egg nog, head over to Piora. It’s a fancy Michelin restaurant in the West Village that infuses their eggnog with sake. Even people who aren’t sure about the creamy beverage might want to give this version a go.

Yule Mule


There’s a restaurant in the city that changes with the seasons, and so does their cocktail list. Park Avenue Winter (which changes its name as well) has a drink called the Yule Mule, which is like Christmas in a moscow mule cup. That said, they aren’t the only ones to create this drink and many a recipe can be found online. Just add a bit of raspberry to your mule, along with rum instead of vodka, and you’re pretty much there.

Hot Cider


No, not the regular hot cider you can find anywhere. The good, alcoholic kind!  Spritzenhaus 33 in Brooklyn has a classic one with rum, lemon, and a cinnamon stick to boot. But they aren’t the only bar to serve it; most bars in the holiday spirit will have this as an added special.

I Hear Banjos–encore!
The Wayland NYC
The Wayland NYC


The “I Hear Banjos – encore!”  is a stirred and smoked drink from The Wayland that features apple pie moonshine, Rye whiskey, house apple-spice bitters, and applewood-cinnamon bark smoke. The Wayland is known for it’s creative cocktails, especially around winter time, but this is one of their best.

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Who can resist a drink called Fireside Chat? This one is located at Porchlight, which is an awesome place to get a drink all year round. But Fireside Chat is the epitome of sitting by a fire; bitters, amaretto and walnut liqueur. Sounds like heaven in a glass!


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