City Proposes a $106m plan to Fight Climate change and cool down NYC

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City Proposes a $106m plan to Fight Climate change and cool down NYC

The oppressive heat in NYC in the summer isn’t news to anyone, but how the city is now taking measures to combat it is, they’ll be tackling it one Neighborhood at a time. Here’s everything you need to know. 

The weather may be fluctuating between miserable and awful right now, but it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that the temperature is climbing. The summer is only a few days away! That means it’s time to crank up those window AC units and live in abject misery until it cools down again. And don’t think things will get any better in the long term either, temperatures are climbing all over the globe, pretty soon NYC will feel like living on the surface of the sun… but not if Mayor Bill de Blasio has anything to do with it.

The Mayor’s office announced a brand new $106 million initiative called “Cool Neighborhoods NYC”. The program aims to reduce the effects of climate change and combat those deadly summer heat waves.  The initiative includes several different, coordinated efforts:

  1. Planting Trees
    A massive $82 million of the proposed budget will go towards planting trees in areas that are deemed at high risk of heat-related health problems. The South Bronx, Central Brooklyn, and Northern Manhattan will soon see an influx of new, shade-giving and air-quality improving trees popping up around their neighborhoods.
  2. Bill subsidies and support
    Qualifying at-risk NYers could receive support from “home health aides” during those risky summer heat waves, as well as qualifying households receiving help paying for those costly electricity bills thanks to that window air conditioner.
  3. Expanding the NYC °CoolRoofs program.
    NYC °CoolRoofs helps facilitate the installation of energy-saving reflective rooftops through subsidies and support. The reflective surfaces reduce the amount of heat that is allowed to permeate into the building, thus saving residents money on those pesky electricity bills.


The Mayor’s initiative probably won’t make much of a dent in the current climate crisis, but what it may do is make the city much more livable during those painfully hot summer months. Definitely a step in the right direction.

Featured image source [Flickr | Anthony Quintano]

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