This Free Citrus Garden Wonderland Just Popped Up On The West Side • Citrovia

Pucker up!

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This Free Citrus Garden Wonderland Just Popped Up On The West Side • Citrovia

When NYC gives you lemons…

Be sure to take pictures with them? Well, that’s the idea behind the brand new free pop-up Citrovia NYC on the West Side!

In a rather creative turn of events, developers of the upcoming mixed-use development “Manhattan West” have disguised ugly construction scaffolding along 9th Ave. 31st & 33rd St. with enormous lemon slices and flowing fabrics.

The interactive outdoor installation “Citrovia” features over 700 giant lemons that have been hand-painted, along with trees, leaves and billowing fabric meant to simulate clouds at sunrise and sunset. Described as “larger-than-life and stranger-than-fiction,” the display is meant to transport visitors from the city to a magical citrus garden dream.


You can also expect 19-foot-tall lemon trees, augmented reality features like blossoming vines and “whack-a-lemon” games, a Name-Your-Own-Garden feature, a custom scent and special lighting effects.

The installation is completely free to attend, and no ticket reservations are needed — so stop by and pucker up anytime!

And this week only, as a special sour treat they will be giving out free Citrovia Lemon Ice in Washington Square Park, Bryant Park, Astor Place, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Battery Park, and (of course) Manhattan West! Catch them 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. from Wednesday, July 14 – Friday, July 16.


You can find more info on their lemony fresh website here. The installation will be up for a while — at least two years while construction is ongoing.

featured image source: Citrovia

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