Cirque Du Soleil Launches ‘Cirque Connect’ To Take Their Whimsical World Into Your Home

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz

Cirque Du Soleil Launches ‘Cirque Connect’ To Take Their Whimsical World Into Your Home

The whimsical world of Cirque du Soleil awaits you online.

Intended to spread joy and delight just like their live shows, Cirque Connect is the new digital platform by Cirque du Soleil that is packed full of fanciful offerings for children and adults alike.

The main drawcard on the Cirque Connect website are the 60-minute specials, the second of which was released last Friday, April 3.

The first special was released the week before and featured awe-inspiring moments from their iconic shows KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities, ”O”, and LUZIA. The opening number was a song and dance routine peppered with juggling that, before long, led you deep into their wonderful worlds, showcasing some of the best clowning, acrobatics, trampolining, fire twirling, and outrageous talent you’ve ever seen.

Cirque Connect also offers viewers the chance to get closer than ever before by introducing 180 Degrees Of Amazing where Cirque du Soleil artists take you backstage to training, makeup, costume, and then onstage for exclusive performances. And if that’s not enough, the Virtual Reality offering enables users to step on stage and into some of the most thrilling moments of Cirque du Soleil history.

You could also learn to recreate the artist’s makeup with eleven step-by-step tutorials by the talented acrobat, contortionist, and makeup artist Kyle Cragle; get fit and workout like their performers; sing and dance along to their songs, and entertain the kids with two television series, Luna Petunia and Big Top Academy.

As Cirque du Soleil says: ”Let us welcome you into our world where awe-inspiring show footage and fan favorite [sic] videos will transport you.”