Chinatown’s Biggest Restaurant Will Permanently Close Dining Hall

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Chinatown’s Biggest Restaurant Will Permanently Close Dining Hall

Jing Fong Restaurant in Chinatown is known for its incredible dim sum, rolled around on carts through its 20,000-square-foot dining room so you can pick exactly what you’d like.

And sadly, these next two weeks will be the last time New Yorkers will be able to get that coveted experience.

The restaurant announced they would be permanently closing the 800-seat banquet hall in a heartbreaking Instagram post on Friday, February 19, saying:

First and foremost, THANK YOU everyone for the endless support this past year, it truly means a lot to us and we really appreciate each and every one of you all, from the bottom of our hearts. We are heartbroken to announce that our Chinatown location at 20 Elizabeth Street, will be permanently closing its indoor dining operation on March 7, 2021 at 8 p.m.

They clarified that they will continue to operate from the second floor kitchen for their outside patio, take-out, and delivery until further notice.


The restaurant was founded in 1978 with just 150 seats at 24 Elizabeth Street, but expanded to its current space with 800 seating capacity in 1993. Their website explains that it has always been “focused on bringing to its guests the traditional Chinese dining experience ΜΆ a social gathering meant to be shared with friends, family, loved ones and even strangers. Throughout the years, Jing Fong has become a community fixture and is well-recognized among the Chinese community, local New Yorkers, and even tourists.”

Jing Fong’s outpost on the Upper West Side will remain open so you can still enjoy their delicious food there, but it’s sad that the original Chinatown experience will be shut down. Another end of an era.

Still, they wrote that they are actively looking for a new location to move into as soon as possible in the neighborhood, so hopefully they’ll find their spot soon.

The Chinatown location at 20 Elizabeth St., will be open for indoor dining Monday-Sunday 10 a.m. to 7:45 p.m. through March 7.

featured image source: Instagram / @jinfongny

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