Chelsea Market Opens a Second Floor Just for Locals

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Chelsea Market Opens a Second Floor Just for Locals

You may not have a reason to go to Chelsea Market often, but if you’ve been sometime in the past month or so you’ve likely noticed something is different. And as a local, you may feel more inclined now to visit the space.

A part of the market that was hidden to the public as a storage area for the Manhattan Fruit Exchange has now opened with a staircase to the new venue, Chelsea Local. This market expansion of 13,000 square-feet will include the Manhattan Fruit Exchange,

a counter for Dickson’s Farmstand Meats,


and several stands featuring vendors such as Heatonist and Saxelby Cheesemongers.

In a market that seems to be crawling with tourists, Chelsea Local was created as a space for locals to do their groceries. 

Hopefully this new floor will ease the overcrowding that, from the moment you step into Chelsea Market, can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Featured image source: Instagram / @chelseamarketny

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