This Chelsea Gallery’s New Exhibit Will Feature a Stunning Perspective of New York

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

This Chelsea Gallery’s New Exhibit Will Feature a Stunning Perspective of New York

We’re all familiar with the New York City skyline, but how often do you get to see the five boroughs from an aerial view? 

Jeffrey Milstein’s solo exhibition Leaning Out at Chelsea’s Benrubi Gallery offers exactly that. A unique aerial perspective of New York. The stunning nature of these images are in the “geometric mosaics” that can only be seen from above—2,000 feet above to be exact.  Walking the streets of NYC it can be easy to forget how truly amazing the structures around us are.

His images are of everything from train yards and parking lots to cityscapes and ports. Milstein is able to capture these images from helicopters or small planes, beautifully showcasing the satisfying symmetry of these structures from overhead.

Milstein’s bird’s-eye view flattens three dimensions to two and his shutter shrinks several square miles down to the size of a tapestry…One can almost lose sight of the fact that these are also industrial images—of transit rather than manufacturing, dissemination rather than creation. The ordered patterns, undulating over topographical variations, initially supersede one’s sense of activity, but gradually it returns in a familiar and ultimately calming, or reassuring, manner.”

The fantastic photographs will be on display at the gallery from January 25 through March 17. Take a look below at the sample of works you may come across by the talented Jeffrey Milstein at his exhibit, Leaning Out:

Featured image source: Jeffrey Milstein