Check out These George Michael tribute parties in NYC Today And Tomorrow

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Check out These George Michael tribute parties in NYC Today And Tomorrow

2016, or as it will go down in history “The-Dumpster-Fire-Year-of-Bad-Decisions-and-Unnecessary-Deaths”, has taken us on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows (or lows and lows, depending on who you ask). With the end of the year just around the corner, NYC is memorializing one of the worlds pop music icons that fell victim to the 2016 curse. Here are some NYC tribute parties in honor of George Micheal:

George Michael Tribute
via [facebook]
via [facebook]
  • Where – Pyramid Club
  • When – Thursday December 29, 8pm–4am
  • Price – $6.

The Metro 80’s Dance Party with DJ TM.8 will host a special tribute to an 80’s legend, George Michael, who left us too soon. DJ TM.8 will play Wham! and George Michael, as well as other legends lost in 2016, all night long.

Fuck Off 2016: A Tribute to George Michael, Prince and David Bowie
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  • Where – House of Yes
  • When  – Thursday December 29, 10pm–4am
  • Price – free
In a year when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction, we are especially devastated to lose George Michael, Prince, and David Bowie, who all showed us there’s no right way to be a man.
Faith, Freedom and Sex: A Celebration of George Michael
via [facebook]
via [facebook]
  • Where – Littlefield
  • When – Friday December 30 at 10pm
  • Price – $5

2016 has not been kind to our musical icons, to say the least. For more than 30 years, George Michael moved us to dance and cry, so we’re throwing a party in his honor.

Join us on Friday to celebrate his legacy with music and videos provided by Brian Blackout of Feeling Gloomy and Stephen Pitalo of Music Video Time Machine. We’ll be playing the best hits, b-sides, and live tracks from Wham!, his solo years, and collaborations all night.

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