Check out Exactly Many Dogs in NYC Share Your Name With This Fun Tool

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Check out Exactly Many Dogs in NYC Share Your Name With This Fun Tool

A new interactive graphic by the Health Department charts the frequency of dog names in the city. How unique were you when you named your furry friend?

According to NYCEDC, there are around 600,000 dogs in the city. That’s a lot of happily adopted doggies. The first thing you likely did when you picked up your puppy pal, was to agonize over the perfect name. Something that would perfectly capture their unique personality, appearance… or maybe you went for something funny… we’re looking at you Sir Wagsalot. But how original were you exactly? In all likelihood not that unique at all, as we will explain in this article.

When you get a dog in the city you have to register him or her with the Health Department, your dog license ($34 a year and totally worth it) info then gets stored in the department database. As if haveing a canine weren’t reward enough for the license fee, the health department has gathered all that data and created THIS new interactive graphic. This frequency bubble chart tracks EVERY registered dog name and tells you how common it is …with the added bonus of telling you how many dogs share your name (I share my name with 3 pooches).

This graphic is a first class time waster… imagine how happy (you can read that with a dash of sarcasm) your significant other will be to learn they share their name with a pack of NYC dogs.

Which are the top names you ask? Well, here are what appear to be the top 5:

  1. Bella 1195
  2. Max 1153
  3. Charlie 856
  4. Coco 852
  5. Rocky 823


Here, now we pass the torch to you, explore the dog names in New York City for yourself.

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