Charming East Village Store Sells “Magic” Candles

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Charming East Village Store Sells “Magic” Candles
Even the biggest skeptics will find this store fascinating. The oldest occult shop in NYC opened its doors in 1982, and has been standing strong in the East Village ever since. 

Here you’ll find all sorts of magical and spiritual books, as well as incense and a full apothecary. However, what sets Enchantments apart from other occult shops in the city are their unique and personalized candles.

The employees at the shop will make you a custom pillar candle for luck in any aspect of your life that you come in seeking. The candles are carved with “magical symbols, your name and astrological sign.”

Oils, incense, and honey may also be added to your candle as offerings and to anoint it, but what gives the candle its aesthetic beauty is the glitter rubbed into the symbolic carvings.

Some may find all of this to be hocus-pocus, but even if you don’t believe in the “magic” you still can’t deny the beauty of these custom candles; and who can’t use a little extra luck every now and then? At the very least you’ll have a personalized, decorative candle.

You can find the list of candles they make here, but to order one you’ll have to go into the store since they can’t take requests over the phone (which makes sense since they’re intended to be made specifically for each individual’s needs).

Featured image source [Enchantments NYC]