Century 21 Just Announced A Surprise Return To NYC After Closing All Stores This Past Fall

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Century 21 Just Announced A Surprise Return To NYC After Closing All Stores This Past Fall

New Yorkers were heartbroken when famed department store Century 21 filed for bankruptcy in September and permanently closed all of its stores in November.

An NYC mainstay for over 60 years, the store was beloved by many for scoring discounts on designer goods, with a flagship store that spanned six buildings in Downtown Manhattan.

Still, all is not lost! The store recently announced a surprise return on their social media pages, which is giving hope to New Yorkers once again!

When you follow the link it shares a press release on its website, which reads:

Never count out a New Yorker. In response to the outpouring of love from the Big Apple and the admiration of their loyal shoppers from around the world, Century 21 Stores announced they will officially relaunch the beloved institution in 2021. While the specifics of where and when are still being finalized, the plan has one goal in mind: to bring shopping joy to Century 21’s faithful local customers while introducing that very same excitement to new fans across the globe.

The Gindis, the family behind the icon, have always held true to the foundation upon which Century 21 was built: to deliver outstanding value to consumers. Following the bankruptcy, the Gindi family bought back the intellectual property of the Century 21 brand, ensuring that Century 21 Stores will continue to be a family-run business with a name synonymous with value and luxury.

They are determined to be a beacon of hope for the city and country.

Global expansion as well as the relaunch of the brand in New York and across the country will be announced in the coming weeks.

A bit vague, but we can’t wait to hear all the details when the plans are fully revealed!

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