This Under-The-Radar Garden In Central Park Is Absolutely Magical

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This Under-The-Radar Garden In Central Park Is Absolutely Magical

Looking for your next peaceful refuge? We know just the spot!

Located on the East Side of the park between 104th and 106th street, is the magnificent Conservatory Garden unlike any other spot in Central Park.

Covering over six acres of land, escape to this paradise and find 20,000 tulips and daffodils planted alongside an abundance of gorgeous lilacs, summer perennials, crabapple trees, and chrysanthemums.

The Garden first opened in 1937 and was named after a glass conservatory that was built in the same location in 1899 to display seasonal plants.

There are three main areas to the garden: the French-style North Garden, the Italianate Center Garden, and the English-style South Garden, each varying in design.

The Italiante Garden is located in the center of the lawn with symmetrical designs and a wisteria covered pergola. At the North Garden you’ll be able to find the Untermyer Fountain and thousands of stunning tulips. The English-style South Garden features bulbs, annuals, and perennials in concentric planting beds. Find the Burnett Fountain in this section of the garden at the edge of a calming waterlily pool.

Months of planning and designing go into the garden’s serene display each year and this season surely won’t disappoint.

As more of the bulbs continue to bloom this season, the Conservatory Garden is a must-visit spot perfect for a lovely springtime stroll.

You can even take a tour of the garden with a Conservatory Garden staff member to learn more about this best-kept secret garden.

featured image source: Instagram/ @hanagramnyc

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