Order A Coffee While You Wait For Your Wash At This Chic BK Laundromat


Order A Coffee While You Wait For Your Wash At This Chic BK Laundromat
Picture this: it’s Sunday and you’re having one of those lazy afternoons that you’ve been looking forward to all week. Just one problem though – you have a pile of laundry that’s just begging to be washed. It’s no secret that laundromats aren’t exactly the most charming places to spend your weekend at… unless?

We’ve discovered the place you’ve all been looking for… Celsious. They take the traditional laundromat experience and add their own modern, fresh twist to it. That’s right – no more waiting around in a dull, mundane space for your wash. Instead, enjoy a cup of their organic coffee (mhmm..) in an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment, as your clothes tumble around in energy-efficient washers/dryers.


Customers are treated to complimentary all-natural detergent by The Simply Co, available in fragrance-free or lavender-scented options. In the words of Celsious, “you can be in and out, washed and dried, as quickly as you can catch up with your friends over a cup of coffee”, so you might as well get the whole gang together and make a day of it.


The Clean Café is an absolute gem that serves locally sourced coffee, drinks and treats – just what you need to keep you satisfied as you wait for your laundry to finish. Got some work to get done? Bring your laptop along and kill two birds with one stone.











Ok look, at the end of the day convenience beats comfort and we totally get those who choose to stick to the local laundromat on their block, but for the Brooklyn babies who live in the Williamsburg area or anyone who loves exploring new concepts in NYC, we highly recommend checking out this unique, local, WoC-owned business.

Time: Mon-Sun (7am-midnight)

Address: 115 North 7th Street

featured image: instagram.com/sther.yi

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