‘Cash Cab’ is Officially Back on the Streets of NYC…with Celeb Guests!

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

‘Cash Cab’ is Officially Back on the Streets of NYC…with Celeb Guests!

Out in the city right now is one very special yellow cab that looks just like the rest of the fleet—except it’s nothing like them.

Decked out inside with flashing lights that go off with the hit of a button, Ben Bailey is back with his hit game show Cash Cab.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Bailey is the host and cab driver asking the passenger as many trivia questions as possible before the rider reaches their destination. Answer right and you have a chance at making a bit of cash during your commute.

Not a shabby way to get around! How often do you get a chance to actually MAKE money in a yellow taxi instead of just spending it? Correct answer: 1 in 13,587. (That’s how many yellow cabs are currently in NYC.)

Credit: Discovery Channel
Credit: Discovery Channel

According to a report by PEOPLE, Bailey told them that:

“The show won’t stray too far from the original version, but will include celebrity guests (like Matthew Perry), who can help passengers answer the questions, and a new social media call-out for participants to request help mid-game.”

Other tweaks will include using Facebook live for real-time assistance from viewers.

The show returned to Discovery Channel last night (December 4) after a five year gap. Maybe we should get back to hailing cabs again for a while instead of using other services? Might get the chance to make a little cash!

Featured image source: Discovery Channel