What Cpt. Holt’s medals (TV’s “Brooklyn 99”) are awarded for in real life

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What Cpt. Holt’s medals (TV’s “Brooklyn 99”) are awarded for in real life

Fans of the hit show Brooklyn 99 recognize the department’s mad-capped antics aren’t exactly based in much realism, but that lead some to wonder about the medals work on NYPD Captain Holt’s chest… are they real, and if so, what are they awarded for.

Reddit user ClearAirTurbulance27 put out a plea on Reddit for an answer to that very question. It didn’t take long to get an aswer, and here it is, From top to bottom:

  • US Flag – because ‘Murica
  • Meritorious Police Duty (MPD) x 14 – An act of intelligent and valuable police service demonstrating special faithfulness or perseverance, OR Highly creditable acts of police service over a period of time.
  • World Trade Center – May be worn by any NYPD Police Officer who was in active service during or worked details related to, the follow up on, the September 11 attacks.
  • Excellent Police Duty (EPD) – An intelligent act materially contributing to a valuable accomplishment OR Submission of a device or method adopted to increase efficiency in an administrative or tactical procedure.
  • Pistol Expert – May be worn by any NYPD Police Officer who has been certified or recertified as an expert shooter with their police firearm.

The show isn’t known for its realism as much as for its big laughs, but the medals are legit.  It should be noted, however,  his medals aren’t being worn in the correct order. The American flag is always on top (if chosen to be worn at all) followed by World Trade Center (If they were present or part of recovery operations) then various medals follow such as MPD or EPD which he has earned with pistol expert always being the lowest medal if it is earned.

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