Cancel Your Plans for Friday, NYC is Going to BB Kings

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Cancel Your Plans for Friday, NYC is Going to BB Kings
Times Square is hiding one of the jewels in the crown of NYC’s nightlife. Beer & Taco’s Friday’s at B.B. King Blues Club; live music, a one-hour top shelf open bar and a buzzing atmosphere is waiting.

B.B. King Blues Club & Grill is one of New York City’s most beloved nightspots, located right in the heart of Times Square. We get it, it’s Times Square, but when you hear about tonight, you’ll want to brave Times Square on a Friday night.

Never been to B.B.Kings? Well trust us, Friday is the night! Their gorgeous lounge has a hint of 1950s glamor and all the iconic style and pizzazz you’d expect from a venue of this pedigree.

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As DJ Self and DJ Trueblend man the decks, lay back and kick it on one of their plush sofas, there are even Hookahs available for purchase if you wanna ball out. If all that weren’t enough? How about one hour of a top shelf open bar! If you’re not canceling whatever plans you thought you had for tonight you should be.

Men get in free before 12 am, and women before 12:30 am, so it’s worth getting there early, the top shelf open bar goes from 11:00 pm – 12:00 am… that pretty much eliminates your need to pre-game. You’re welcome.

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Top-shelf boozy treats, live music, and a venue where excellence always comes first: that’s the stuff dreams are made of… See you there!