You Can Now Live Without Limits Within ‘Westworld’ Experience

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You Can Now Live Without Limits Within ‘Westworld’ Experience
Unlike the series, you won’t have to take a train too far to enter the Westworld park. Fans of the hit HBO series can step inside this lawless playground at New York Comic Con this weekend.

Westworld: The Experience gives guests a glimpse into what visiting the theme park and luxury vacation destination would be like in real life. And no, this one isn’t through virtual reality headsets!

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The Delos Destination immersive experience includes all the luxuries given to park guests, along with Westworld weapons props and a psych evaluation by one of the Delos therapists to determine what character you’ll play in the game—good, or bad.

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The experience lets you tour Westworld, and even explore the Mariposa Saloon. Cocktails are served to you at the bar with hosts playing their roles around you, ready to interact whenever you choose.

appointment desk

 To enter the world of the uncivilized wild west, you’ll have to find the Delos Destination appointment desk first. The location of this desk will change each day of Comic Con. Appointments for Westworld are on a first come, first serve basis and (because of the bar drinks you’ll sip on at the saloon) you have to be at least 21 to participate.

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There’s limited availability for appointments from now through Sunday, so be sure to head to the Javits Center early if you want to go on a real adventure into the chaotic Old West.

Feature image source [Courtesy of HBO] 

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