This Brooklyn Shop Sells Soaps You’ll Wish You Could Eat

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

This Brooklyn Shop Sells Soaps You’ll Wish You Could Eat
Sure, they have bath bombs, but it’s all about the fabulous soap bars at Soap Cherie.

This boutique shop in Brooklyn creates fun and unique body products that you might be more inclined to display instead of use!

They currently have a colorful collection of unicorn soaps that are absolutely adorable. However, what makes these soaps even more amazing are how delicious they look.

No, really, you’ll want to take a bite of one when you first see them.


You might mistake Soap Cherie for a bakery when you walk by, with trays of cupcake soaps as the window display. But once you enter you’ll quickly realize that each “cupcake” is actually a beautiful soap bar.

Unsurprisingly, the collection of deceivingly tasty-looking soaps fall under “The Bakery” section when ordering online. Here you’ll find cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cake slices, and artisan treats to order from that’ll make your next shower experience that much more delightful. 

Feature image source [Facebook/Soap Cherie

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