This Brooklyn Beagle is Better At Yoga Than You …But Only While He Pees

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This Brooklyn Beagle is Better At Yoga Than You …But Only While He Pees

Forget the “Downward Dog”, this Brooklyn canine is reinventing yoga in an attempt to relieve himself, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Meet Augie the hardstanding-while-peeing dog. 

We’re no strangers to celebrity dogs in NYC, from the dog who hugs people on street corners, to the dog that has more style than you, it seems like our furry friends are have tons of personality. Whenever we find one, we just have to introduce them to you.

One unsung canine hero appeared in the NYC zeitgeist recently, he has managed to turn the simple act of peeing into an epic ballet that is half acrobatics and half yoga. But, don’t take our word for it, see for yourself:

Meet Augie, the star of the “other” peepee tape, he’s an 8-year-old beagle that can that loves to pee while hardstanding… or is it paw standing… the jury is out.

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So why does Augie pee like that? It seems there is no definitive answer. Dog’s don’t only pee to empty their bladders, they also do it to mark their territory. Petguide says:

This could be because the handstand position raises the dog’s back end higher off the ground so that his urine stream can spray farther, perhaps mimicking or covering the stream of a larger dog.

In an interview with Gothamist, Augies owner’s owner loves finds the whole thing really amusing:

“It’s the wackiest thing, […] People go crazy when they see him…they usually run over and say ‘Hey wait a minute, did you train that dog to do that?’ which I find hysterical. That’d be a weird thing to train a dog to do.”

Well, Augie, we induct you into the interesting-dogs-of NY hall of fame. Long may you put Williamsburg’s yoga instructors to shame.

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