Brooklyn Bazaar is everything you love about NYC

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Brooklyn Bazaar is everything you love about NYC
Brooklyn Bazaar is NYC’s darling entertainment Frankenstein. Part market, part restaurant, part club, part lounge, part arcade, part mini-golf… there is literally something for everyone. It’s a mini New York City.

Some places in the city are soo odd and offbeat we forget to show them the real love they deserve. Brooklyn Bazaar is one such venue. With its eclectic variety of things to do, you can often feel a little overwhelmed, like the place doesn’t know what it’s trying to be. But you’d be wrong. Brooklyn Bazaar knows exactly what it is. Fun with a capital F.

On the main floor, you’ll find their restaurant, run by the good folks at Brooklyn Star. This roomy area is more than big enough to have a hearty snack in one of their quasi-booth tables and soak in the atmosphere of this truly unique space.

Downstairs is where the bar and vendors are hiding. Yes, the bar is opposite the flea market… that’s a stroke of genius, there’s nothing like some alcohol-fueled impulse buying. The flea market has all the color and vibrancy you’d expect from a bazaar of this pedigree. There is even a full-service tattoo booth …again, maybe don’t drink too much before wandering the market. Markets and booze not your thing? …well, fear not, they’re hiding mini golf, karaoke, AND video games down there too.

Upstairs you’ll find a fully fitted out music venue. So, if loud music is your thing, you’ll have it in spades.

The one overwhelming feeling you’re left with every time you visit the bazaar is that it always feels different. Brooklyn Bazaar, in short, is NYC encapsulated into one wonderfully entertaining and vibrant multi-level space.  The Much like our city, the venue is like a chameleon, it’s never exactly the same each time you go. In a world of “cookie cutter” franchises where every space and experience is measured out to a tee, we need more Brooklyn Bazaars in the world.

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