Recenter Yourself At This New Free Meditative Experience In Downtown Manhattan

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Recenter Yourself At This New Free Meditative Experience In Downtown Manhattan

In a world that never stops, you can now take a well-deserved self-care break in this FREE immersive meditation experience at Brookfield Place (BFPL).

Brookfield Place’s new installation, the Affirmation Station, is offering a much-needed respite from the busy city and also a self-confidence booster.

In this unique meditative experience — created by Marlon Taylor-Wiles of Flying Under The Radar, in collaboration with musician Jamire Williams — four socially-distanced guests are taken on a journey of self-affirmation and self-care in just 15 minutes.

But it doesn’t involve sitting cross-legged on a mat in silence. Instead, bright colors light up the room, as a beautiful score composed by Williams carries you away and comforting positive affirmations narrated by his wife, Asia, fill up the space. Even their 3-year-old daughter Ziya sparks joy with adorable sonic contributions.

The experience is designed to help eliminate negative thought patterns and self-doubt, as participants are encouraged to internally repeat the affirmations to themselves. It brings attention to our own internal dialogues and encourages a mindful reset, reminding us that the words we use to talk to ourselves matter.

You can visit this recentering experience from Thursday, January 28 through Sunday, January 31. Brookfield Place is located at 230 Vesey St. in downtown Manhattan.

After the experience, you can enjoy outdoor dining, ice skating, shopping, and more at Brookfield Place!

Reserve your spot here. Walk-ins will be accommodated if last minute space is available.

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