NYC Uber User Takes Wheel For Sleepy driver And Ends Up In High-speed Police Chase

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NYC Uber User Takes Wheel For Sleepy driver And Ends Up In High-speed Police Chase

Being an Uber driver poses all kinds of threats. Rush-hour traffic, aggressive passengers, near misses… And now you can add high-speed police chases to the list!

At least this guy can: Uber driver Corey Robinson, 43, who was hired by Bronx man Juan R. Carlos to drive him 300 miles from Philadelphia to New York.

A little way into the trip, Robinson confessed he was too sleepy to continue the journey…

Sleepy meerkat

…and he couldn’t believe his luck when Carlos, 20, offered to take over while he napped. That is, until things took a dramatic turn.

When Robinson woke up, he found himself in the middle of an intense pursuit with the cops, who were trying to pull them over for doing nearly 90mph.

Modern Family driving lesson
Robinson told the NY Post: “I thought the car was leaving the ground. I just kept telling him to ‘stop the car, stop the car, stop the car!’ He said he was going to stop, but then he just started speeding up.”

The police briefly lost the 2016 Hyundai Sonata before later finding it crashed into a guardrail in Colesville.

The escalated quickly
Carlos and Robinson were taken to hospital for minor injuries. Robinson was released from custody while Carlos was charged with unlawfully fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle and driving without a license, plus other offenses.

Juan R Carlos Uber Police Chase
[Juan R. Carlos NY Times]
Uber has since banned both of them.


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