This City-Wide NYC Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt Will Have You Hooked

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This City-Wide NYC Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt Will Have You Hooked
Follow a trail of devious clues around the New York City in this Breaking Bad experience that will challenge your wit and stamina. Walter White has something “cooking” for NYC.

Take a trip to the upside down and be the first to gather all the clues. If you think you’re as intelligent as Heisenberg, as tenacious as Hank, or as tough as Mike then join the game and compete for big prizes at the Amazing Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt!

Armed with a smartphone, sharp ingenuity, high levels of energy and all-important team spirit, contestants race around the city searching for clues to the finish line. Think “Breaking Bad” meets “The Amazing Race” in the greatest city on Earth.

What do you win? Each member of the winning team receives a New York City gift package …although the prize is top-notch, this isn’t the kind of event you take part in for the “prize,” the prize is taking part at all. You’ll meet other fans of the show, see the city in a way you’ve never seen it before, and most importantly, have a Hazmat Suit full of good times.

Be in the know, the hunt takes three hours so you should wear comfortable shoes and bring a Metrocard. One member of the team should have a smartphone (either Android or iPhone). The hunt is run through an app called ScanQuest so get that downloaded before you roll up to the event… and though it’s not required, the organizers encourage you to dress as your favorite character!

If you are a Breaking Bad fan THIS is an unmissable event. The Hunt Kicks off at the Slattery’s Midtown Pub (8 E 36th St #3, 10016) on Sunday, January 14.

Check out all the details and ticketing information HERE.

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