Bratton Doubts That ‘Tough Guy’ Trump Has Ever Even ‘Taken a Punch’

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Bratton Doubts That ‘Tough Guy’ Trump Has Ever Even ‘Taken a Punch’

The day after announcing his retirement, soon-to-be ex police commissioner Bratton is once again expressing his less than shining opinion of the presidential hopeful, Donald Trump.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Vietnam veteran Bratton stated that although Trump acts like a “tough guy,” He wonders “if he’s ever actually taken a punch in his life, an actual physical punch?

The comments came as a response to Trumps rally in Virginia where the Republican candidate was given a Purple Heart by an Iraq war veteran. Trump was heavily criticized for his flippant reaction to receiving the medal. Bratton added that he was “appalled that the Purple Heart, along with the medals for bravery, highest awards you can give, serious injury received in combat. And the idea to treat it so lightly, amazed—absolutely amazed and appalled.”

As of now Donald Trump has not responded to the comment.

Featured image source: [newsmax]

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