Brace yourselves. Pizza ATMs Could Be Coming To NYC

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Brace yourselves. Pizza ATMs Could Be Coming To NYC

We’ve all been there, it’s 3am, we’re on the way home having spent all of our money… then it hits, an insatiable hunger that for fast food that would make Ronald McDonald blush. What’s next? Hit up an ATM? Find the nearest place for a dollar slice?

What if you could take one of those steps out of the equation?

The french company, Paline, debuted it’s first Pizza ATM back in August of 2016 at Xavier university in Cincinnati. Was it a success? Really? Pizza in a university? Of course it was. It couldn’t have been more successful if were a hipster-mustache-wax dispenser in Bushwick.

Now Paline is planning on shipping out Pizza ATMs nation wide and we could see one in the city as soon as next month.

The machine stores pizza dough and eight different toppings in a special refrigerated section. Once an order is placed via the touchscreen panel, the dough and toppings are moved automatically to a convection oven where it is cooked then slid into a cardboard box. The best news? The whole process takes just under 3 minutes.

Here’s hoping that they don’t place one outside my house. It’ll be hard to make it up to my fifth floor walk up when I weigh 300 pounds.

Featured image source [pexels]

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