This “Bottle-Less” Lower East Side Wine Bar Is Moving To A New Location

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

This “Bottle-Less” Lower East Side Wine Bar Is Moving To A New Location
Popular LES coffee and wine bar, River Coyote is moving to a new location and we’re excited to see where!

River Coyote, previously located on Ludlow Street in the the Lower East Side is moving to a new location. Although the address hasn’t been disclosed yet, we’re really looking forward to their reopening.

The bar is centered around coffee and wine. So what’s the big deal? The wine is on tap making for an interesting experience. They also have an extensive brunch, lunch and dinner menu which we hope will be brought over to their next location.


Whether or not it was the intention of the owners, another huge lure of the bar is it’s bottle-less, and sustainable aspect. With the zero waste movement growing a lot of traction in NYC, these types of restaurants will definitely be the wave of the future.

You can check out their website for updates on the move.

Featured image: facebook.com/rivercoyoteles

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