Discover The Brand New Generation Of Winemakers Taking Over New York

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Discover The Brand New Generation Of Winemakers Taking Over New York

Bordeaux, one of the world’s most renowned wine region, is undoubtedly the bedrock of fine wine, beguiling and captivating drinkers for hundreds of years. Home to a plethora of the world’s most reputable wine estates, the region produces everything from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. And with a new wave of young professionals breathing life into the world of grand châteaux and family ties, we couldn’t be more excited. Using their expertise and knowledge, this New Generation is preserving the rich traditions of the region, whilst also shaping the future on new terms: embracing unique and innovative methods to limit their impact on the environment, and still producing the delicious Bordeaux wines we all love.

The suitably named Next Gen program features thirteen wineries that embrace the collective talent of the young innovators shaping the future of Bordeaux. And this November, Bordeaux Wine Council is bringing the next generation of up-and-coming winemakers to New York, serving up their rare 3-Liter, double Magnum size Big Bottles and by-the-glass lists at some of the city’s finest restaurants.

Celebrate Next Gen Bordeaux In New York…

Yasmina Asseily, Owner & Sales Director 

Château Biac – A.O.C. Cadillac Côtes De Bordeaux 

Yasmina Asseily followed in the footsteps of her family and became enchanted with the winery Château Biac, deciding to make it her life’s work. Château Biac endeavors to nurture the vines, always aspiring to convey the character of the terroir and conserve the environment for future generations. Originating from Lebanon, Yasmina is keen to bridge cultural traditions, merging the beauty of Mediterranean family cooking and the unique flavours of Bordeaux. In her eyes, wine is a “living thing” centered around versatility and sensitivity. You can discover her wines at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar, Loring Place and The Musket Room in New York.

Matthieu Arroyo, Winemaker  

Château d’Arche – A.O.C. Bordeaux Blanc, Sauternes

Matthieu Arroyo has a totally fresh approach to the humble grape, combining his love of wine with his interests in chemistry and nature. This is carried forward into his winemaking and the large format wines that Château d’Arche produces. He says ‘Sauternes is not just a wine! It’s an experience’. Immerse yourself in his gorgeous wines by-the-glass at F.LX. Hospitality, Niche Niche and The River Cafe.

Jonathan Ducourt, Sales & Marketing Manager

Ducourt Family Winery – A.O.C. Bordeaux 

Jonathan Ducourt learned the wine trade, working as a “winery child” on his family’s estate, first bottling and later in the vineyards. He refined his craft in the wine capitals of the world, Napa Valley, Tuscany, New Zealand, and of course, Bordeaux. Jonathan is passionate about the variety of wines offered at the Ducourt Family Winery. All his whites and rosés are vegan and the diversity of wines available range from sulfite-free cuvées to cuvées created from 60 to 70-year-old vines. You can discover his wine-by-the-glass at GlenArbor Golf Club.

Pauline Lapierre, Owner & Winemaker 

Château Haut-Rian – A.O.C. Côtes De Bordeaux 

Pauline Lapierre is excited by the future of Bordeaux wines, thanks to the current crop of wine experts. Not only are they all from different walks of life, but they also honor the traditions of the region whilst maintaining a “less conventional” approach to wine. Pauline describes Château Haut-Rian wines to be balanced, but not overwhelming, fruitful, but fresh and tannic, but soft. Château Haut-Rian is also Bee Friendly, Terra Vitis and HVE-certified, with half of the vineyards managed organically. You can discover her beautiful Big Bottles at Pastis!

Augustin Allo-Armand, Winemaker

Château La Rame – A.O.C. Bordeaux 

Once Augustin Allo-Armand realised his dream of working on his family vineyard, his goal became to surprise consumers with the approachability of Bordeaux wines through style and pricing. Augustin feels fortunate to be part of this new generation, seeing global sommeliers and influencers as pivotal in sharing the exciting world of wine. Château La Rame’s wines showcase their families timeless style. You can find Augustin Allo Armand’s wines by the glass at Clay Restaurant, Cookshop and Sushi Nakazawa.

Madeleine Hostache, Export Director

Château Larose Trintaudon – A.O.C. Haut – Médoc 

Madeleine Hostache’s dedication to the wine industry derives from two things, her love of good cuisine and discovering new places. For Madeleine, the preservation of the land at Château Larose Trintaudon is of utmost importance, so she is eager to incorporate sustainable practices into her approach. From beehives in the vineyards, to aid pollination, to renovation plans involving solar panels and water recycling, her practices are far-reaching. Enjoy her beautiful Big Bottles at F.L.X. Hospitality: Fry Bird, The American Hotel and The River Cafe!

Bérangère Tesseron, Owner & Winemaker

Château Larrivaux – A.O.C. Haut-Médoc 

Bérangère Tesseron grew up at Château Larrivaux, a tremendous 80-hectare vineyard. Care for the land is central at Larrivaux with only 20ha dedicated to viticulture and the rest made up of woods, meadows, forests and fields. When it comes to growing their gorgeous grapes, Bérangère is keen to push all the limits, by cutting out herbicides, insecticides and anti-rot treatments. What’s more, Château Larrivaux has been exclusively owned and managed by women in the family, Bérangère now runs the vineyard alongside her mother and aunt. Discover her wine by-the-glass at Niche Niche and The American Hotel!

Camille Giai, Commercial Director

Château Roquefort – A.O.C. Bordeaux 

Camille Giai has always enjoyed the versatility of wine, its links to culture, terroir and the environment. His favorite thing about the delightful drink is how it’s the perfect accompaniment for everyday enjoyment and life’s big moments. Certified sustainable and currently converting to organic planting, Château Roquefort borders a natural preserve with protected plant and vegetable species. Camille also seeks styles that range from fruity to spice-forward flavor and he’s thrilled about the prospect of getting new consumers excited about Bordeaux. You can find Camille Giai’s wines by the glass at Bar Boulud, Benoit and City Winery Pier 57!

Pauline Dufour, Owner & Winemaker

Château Simon – A.O.C. Sauternes

Pauline Dufour works alongside her sister at their family vineyard Château Simon. Being a globetrotter has given Pauline new perspectives that have allowed her day-to-day work at the Château Simon to be carried out while protecting nature and reducing the winery’s carbon footprint. Pauline is also committed to sharing the beauty of Sauternes to the world. She is adamant that Sauternes is not just a dessert wine, and that it can be enjoyed on almost any occasion. Rediscover her ancestral wine by the glass at Benoit, F.L.X. Hospitality: Table and The American Hotel.

Erika Smatana, Export Manager 

Clarence Dillon Wines/Clarendelle – A.O.C Bordeaux 

Erika Smatana travelled to Bordeaux in 2020 for the first time to fulfill a dream. She found much to admire in the region, especially in the incredible diversity and quality of its wines. Her vineyard, Clarence Dillon Wines, produces wines that are approachable, high quality and of amazing value. She favours handmade vineyard management but is eager to incorporate a modern twist. Looking to find Erika Smatana’s bottles? Head to Ben and Jack’s steakhouse, Glenarbor Golf Club, Nick and Toni’s, Upstairs At The Kimberly Hotel and more.

Geoffrey Ribeiro, Owner & Winemaker

Château du Moulin Rouge –  A.O.C. Haut-Médoc

The art of winemaking has been central to Geoffrey Ribeiro’s life since the tender age of 10. It all began when he started selling magnets and corkscrews on his family’s vineyard, which dates back a tremendous 13 generations. For more than 50 years his family have invested in environmentally-friendly equipment and now Château du Moulin Rouge is certified sustainable and has the highest environmental level. You can find Geoffrey Ribeiro’s wines by the glass at Goosefeather, La Grande Boucherie and Nice Matin.

Guillaume Gonfrier, Sales Manager

Vignobles Gonfrier – A.O.C. Bordeaux Supérieur & Bordeaux Blanc 

Guillaume Gonfrier grew up on his family’s vineyards, so he naturally became wine-obsessed. At 28 years old he’s the youngest member of the Vignobles Gonfrier business and is eager to get his father and uncle clued up on new perspectives on climate change and the world of wine. He continues to work alongside his family in tandem with the terroir and now each vineyard is HVE and Terra Vitis-certified, offering an array of organic and NOP certified wines. You can enjoy his wine at Bobo and Claudette.

Jean-Laurent Audouin, Manager

Château Moulin De La Roquille – A.O.C. Côtes De Francs

Jean-Laurent Audouin’s estate, which has been in the Audouin family since 1964, is made up of a tremendous 95 acres of vines. In his responsibly-farmed wines, you can find tradition laced with modernity. Discover his delicious wines by-the-glass at Nice Matin, La Grande Boucherie and L’Express. 

Throughout the month of November, you’ll be able to taste these Bordeaux wines by the glass at the city’s most exciting restaurants.  From lakeside restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments, over 65 culinary hotspots will showcase fresh new wines from this renowned region. Don’t miss your chance to discover the world’s finest Bordeaux wines, while supplies last!

21+ only with valid ID. Please drink responsibly.

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