45 Entertaining Board Games And How To Play Them While You’re Stuck Indoors

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45 Entertaining Board Games And How To Play Them While You’re Stuck Indoors

Staying inside doesn’t have to be board-ing…see what we did there?

If you’re stuck indoors, you might be running out of ideas for stuff to do in self-isolation. Lucky for you, we’ve got all the best things to keep you busy during social distancing. One of our favorite ways to spend a day inside is to play board games, so we’ve put together a list of entertaining tabletop fun you can have while you wait out the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of our favorite board games and for easy access, we’ve also included video instructions so you can get started right away!

1. Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3-6 players

This is by far our favorite board game and with endless variations of how the story goes, you’ll never run out of diabolic deeds to play on your friends. The horror-movie inspired game is fairly simple; 3-6 players take turns exploring a creepy, old mansion one room tile at a time until a combination of found objects triggers “the haunt” phase where you’ll discover who the betrayer is. This collaborative strategy game never fails to keep gamers entertained, sometimes for two or three hours!

2. Catan, 2-4 players

An oldie but a goodie. In this game, you play a settler on a new island and compete with other players for resources, land, and fend off a thief with the upper hand on you. This classic also has a number of different versions, so if you’re bored of the original, give Star Trek CatanGame Of Thrones Catan, or Catan – Chocolate Edition a try!

3-13. Fluxx, 2-6 players

Fluxx is a game where the rules are constantly changing. There’s several versions of the game which make it even more fun to play with friends. Here are some of our favorites:

3. Zombie Fluxx
4. Star Trek Fluxx
5. Firefly Fluxx
6. Drinking Fluxx
7. Stoner Fluxx
8. Doctor Who Fluxx (with the 13th Doctor expansion, of course)
9. Cthulu Fluxx
10. Marvel Fluxx
11. Monty Python Fluxx
12. Astronomy Fluxx
13. Monster Fluxx

14. Exploding Kittens, 2-5 players

Don’t worry, no actual kittens were harmed in the making of this game created by The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman. A hilarious take on Old Maid, Exploding Kittens is a game where you try to outsmart your opponents and trick them into picking up an exploding kitten, which if not diffused, kicks that player out of the game. The winner is the player who evades the exploding kitten and gets all the other players out. There’s also an NSFW version if you’re so inclined ;).

15. Sushi Go!, 2-5 players

Sushi Go! is a pick and play card game where players try to rack up the most points by playing the best combination of sushi cards. It’s easy enough to learn and play, making it a good choice for kids and adults.

16. Cards Against Humanity, 4-20+ players (although you should probably limit it to 10 right now)

This is another classic game known for offending just about everyone. This “party game for horrible people” is great at breaking up boredom and making your friends laugh. There’s also tons of expansion packs that you can buy online or print out yourself. That’s another great thing about this game; you can download and print it for free! You can also find a number of websites that let you play online with friends, so you can still practice social distancing and host game night!

17. Apples to Apples, 4-20+ players (again, stick to 10 right now)

If Cards Against Humanity sounds great, but you have kids that want to play, Apples to Apples is a great alternative. The same principle applies, matching red cards to green ones to appease each player, but this version is a lot tamer.

18. Dungeons & Dragons, any number of players and a DM

Dungeons & Dragons is a bit more intense when it comes to tabletop games, but we had to include it. This role-playing adventure game involves player-made characters that embark on adventures created by a Dungeon Master (or DM). As the story plays out, players make decisions by rolling dice to fight monsters, complete quests and build their characters level by level. You can even play online with websites like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, so your party can focus on fight demons and not coronavirus.

19. Love Letter, 2-6 players

In this game, you must win the fancy of a princess by delivering your love letter to her while sabotaging other suitors along the way. This is an easy, quick to play game that usually only takes 15-45 minutes.

20. Photosynthesis, 2-4 players

This game is great for synthesizing the great outdoors. You play as a forest of trees competing for sunlight to get through the full life-cycle of a tree. You must strategize where to put down seeds to grow trees that will block your components sunshine without blocking that of your own seedlings. This game can take a while, but it’s definitely worth it.

21- 31. Monopoly, 2-8 players

Who doesn’t love Monopoly? This classic game is great for an easy-going, yet very competitive game night. You can even play it online! Monopoly also has huge number of fun versions so you can play a more interesting version than the original if you get bored easily. Here’s a few of our favorites:

21. Stranger Things Monopoly
22. Rick and Morty Monopoly
23. Star Trek Monopoly
24. Star Wars Monopoly
25. The Walking Dead Monopoly: Survival Edition
26. Pokémon Monopoly
27. Adventure Time Monopoly
28. Game of Thrones Monopoly
29. Avengers Monopoly
30. Skyrim Monopoly
31. Deadpool Monopoly

32. Mysterium, 2-7 players

In this 1920’s themed, mystic game, you play the role of either a ghost or a psychic. As a psychic, you must solve a murder case through clues given to you by the ghost of the victim. Solve the case and you win the game! There’s also a video game version if you’re more inclined toward virtual murder solving.

33. Red Flags, 3-10 players

In this game, you try to set your friends up with potentials dates by appealing to their interests. However, each date has a fatal flaw that you can’t control, so you must make a convincing argument why your friend should look past that red flag and choose your date above the rest. This is a hilarious game to play with really close friends and has a number of expansions like Nerdy Red FlagsSexy Red Flags, and Dark Red Flags that make it even more fun.

34. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, 2-4 players

In this deck-building game, you play one of four Hogwarts students (Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville) as you defend the Wizarding World from dark forces like Voldemort, Deatheaters, and Draco Malfoy. Each turn you cast spells, drink potions, and create allies in your fight against the dark arts. There are seven levels of the game (one for each book), which you can either play all in one go or space it out over a couple of game nights. This game is full of wizardly fun for the whole family!

35-45. The Game of Life, 2-6 players

This board game suggestion wouldn’t be complete without this old school favorite. The Game of Life is something just about everyone already knows how to play, making this an easy one to pick up after a long day of isolation. This classic also has a number of different versions that make it even more fun! A few of our themed favorites are:

35. The Simpsons Edition
36. Star Wars: A Jedi’s Path
37. Haunted Mansion Theme Park Edition
38. Inside Out edition
39. The Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis
40. Rock Star Edition
41. Bikini Bottom Spongebob Squarepants Edition
42. Hello Kitty Edition
43. Family Guy Edition
44. Pokémon Edition
45. The Game of Life in Monstropolis (Monsters Inc Edition)

Feature photo by Christopher Paul High on Unsplash

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